Rockstar Energy πŸ’˜ Hemp

Growing its presence in the energy drink market, PepsiCo acquired Rockstar Energy last year, and the multinational is using its acquisition to test other markets. This month, PepsiCo dipped its toes in the hemp beverage sector by introducing Rockstar Energy + Hemp in the German market. 

Described on its Facebook page as “the original but with hemp seeds!”, Rockstar Energy + Hemp contains caffeine, guarana, taurine and hemp seed extract in three flavor profiles that include Original, Prickly Cactus and Tropical Burst (plus an “intense hemp taste” says PepsiCo). The energy drinks retail for €1.69 per 50cl can, which is about $2 for 17 ounces. 

Hemp seeds, which contain little or no cannabinoids, are widely considered the most nutritious part of the hemp plant, and the seed oil is a prized ingredient in many beauty products. 

“With outstanding category growth of 58% compared to the previous year, hemp products are the trend of the year 2021 in the (fast moving consumer goods) sector,” said PepsiCo in a press statement. β€œWith Energy + Hemp, Rockstar is now expanding its energy portfolio to include three varieties with the ingredient hemp seed extract.”

While hemp is considered an agricultural product, state laws in the U.S. have yet to reach a consensus on hemp-based beverages, so Rockstar Energy + Hemp will remain in Europe for the time being. 

Photo credit: Rockstar Energy Germany.

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