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12 Hemp Benefits that You’re Going to Love

There’s a reason so many people call hemp a supercrop. From enhancing your beauty regime to helping save the planet, hemp is a nutrient-rich plant that can make a positive difference in your life. Check out these 12 examples of why we love this wondrous plant. 

1. Hemp oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) that may increase moisture and decrease damaging oxidation on your skin, making it a perfect addition to beauty regimes. 

2. These same fatty acids, paired with very high protein content, make hemp an ideal food choice for vegetarians and vegans.

3. Hemp seed oil is high in antioxidant activity, which means it can help reduce the oxidative stress caused by free radicals that can damage your skin. 

4. Hemp seed oil increases the level of natural endocannabinoids in the body. Studies suggest this can reduce certain oily secretions, and hemp seed oil also helps hydrate the skin, which can moderate oil production. 

5. Those suffering from atopic dermatitis (a skin condition that produces red and itchy skin) will love to hear that the application of hemp seed oil led to significant improvement in clinical studies

6. The 9,000-square-foot wine cellar at Château Maris in France is made almost entirely of hemp-straw bricks, which help capture carbon dioxide (CO2), reduce soil erosion, require no pesticides or fertilizers and naturally maintain temperature and humidity levels without the use of air conditioners or heaters. 

7. Taking care of the planet is a cause that everyone can get behind, and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) found that hemp leaves a smaller ecological footprint than cotton and polyester.  

8. Hemp doesn’t just help people. The plant pulls unhealthy toxins from the soil, and scientists actually grew hemp plants around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to reduce the soil’s toxicity. 

9. You want nutrients? Hemp’s got ’em, including Vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and many others. 

10. Cotton plants, which require up to 80 percent more water than hemp, grow on three percent of all crop-based land yet receive 35 percent of the world’s insecticides and pesticides. 

11. In addition to being one of history’s first cultivated crops, hemp also had a major role in America’s past. Christopher Columbus brought hemp seeds to the New World. 

12. As a clear sign that scientists believe hemp is the future, SpaceX rocketed hemp seeds to the International Space Station in 2019. 

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